Industrial & System Engineering Journals (ISEJOU) is published twice a year, in December and June, by Darma Cendika Catholic University, the first edition is December 2022. Industrial & System Engineering Journals (ISEJOU) aims to:
Describe and strengthen the practice of industrial engineering theory to overcome problems in the world of work, as well as combine various disciplines in industrial engineering. Strengthen academic exchange with other institutions.
Encourage scientists, practicing engineers and others to undertake research and other similar activities. Industrial & System Engineering Journals (ISEJOU) focused to: Engineering Management, Supply Chain Management, Ergonomics and Human Factors, Work Design and Measurement, Operations Research and Analysis, Engineering Economic Analysis, Facilities Engineering and Energy Management, Quality and Reliability Engineering, Operation Engineering and Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Information System Management, Design and manufacturing Engineering, Product Design and Development, System Design and Engineering .