Analisis Kualitas Pelayanan Go-Ride Bagi Mahasiswa Metode IPA-Kano di Universitas Katolik Darma Cendika

  • Esther Barbara Universitas Katolik Darma Cendika
  • Desrina Yusi Irawati Universitas Katolik Darma Cendika


Discrepancy is the difference in the number of stock spare parts between the actual number and the

amount of stock in the system. PT. MI experienced discrepancy problems, especially in the spare

part warehouse. The purpose of this study is to determine the factors causing the difference in the

number of goods in the warehouse between the physical and the system and provide solutions in

the form of efforts to minimize the data discrepancy. The research method uses DMAIC (Define,

Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) with fishbone diagram analysis techniques. From the

measure stage with the p control chart, it is known that there are still many that are outside the

UCL and LCL limits. In the analysis stage, use a fishbone diagram to analyze the causes and

effects of the problem. From the results of the analysis there are 3 factors that influence the

problem, namely the human factor, methods, and work environment. At the improve stage, several

attempts are given to the problems that have been analyzed.