The LingKAr Journal is a means to publish scientific work in the field of Architecture in the form of research results, literature studies, and design studies that have been produced by lecturers, students, and practitioners. The LingKAr Journal will be published twice a year, in March and September, and the first will be on March

"LingKAr" is an abbreviation term that can describe the purpose of the establishment of the journal, namely as a means to exchange ideas, understandings, and concepts about Lingkungan Arsitektur, Lingkup Karya, Lingkaran Arsitektur.

The LingKAr Journal will be filled with scientific texts and articles relating to the field of architectural engineering which are the results of research, scientific studies, literature studies, design studies, and studies of cases. The script will be focused to Nusantara architecture, Environmental architecture, Postcolonial architecture, architectural technology, environmental architecture and the scope of research topics in other fields of architecture.

The LingKAr number ISSN (Online) : 2828-9234.
base on e-ISSN No. 0005.28289234/K.4/SK.ISSN/2022.03.